All Tyed Up 317

Kaitlin Holmes & Eric Mcguire | FAYETTEVILLE

I’m native to NWA since 1996 while Eric is going on his 2nd year of life in the ville! We have been tie dying together for a little over a year and a half. If you need a good laugh or an awkward moment you should come by and meet us! Eric never fails to make a memorable first impression! and usually an awkward one if given the chance! So come see us and lets make weird and wonderful memories!

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Kaitlin Holmes & Eric Mcguire


All Tyed Up 317




Myself, Kaitlin, and my fiance, Eric, started All Tyed up 317 as a hobby we could do together which allowed for family time as well . A couple of years ago, one day we decided to have some fun with the kids and I thought tye dye would be the perfect thing for them to try. This brought back memories from my childhood that felt good to share with my family. I was and still am utterly fascinated with the different designs and endless color combinations. It was always exciting getting to make something that was one of a kind. I always felt so proud of what I had made regardless of the actuality of my end results. Now fast-forward some number of years and I was getting to share these priceless moments with our kids! It was amazing getting to watch them pay attention with curious excitement. Its always heart warming to be in the moment and see how magical the world is to a child. Something i envey at times which sounds absurd but I’ve noticed that at some point I got too tyed up in this, that, or the other and no longer saw the world the same. This had to change and so it was decided, myself and family needed more tie dye in our lives. and now we stay All Tyed Up in our tie dye tribe enjoying all the little and big things again together. It’s our hope to send a ripple through the world that intrigues your inner child and reminds you how amazing our own imperfectly perfect selves makes each day more beautiful than the next. We hope you slow down and enjoy the ride with us!!