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I create things that bring people together, one way or another. Using mostly reclaimed materials, I work wood & metal into tables, desks, shelves, cutting boards, service dishes, & novelty bottle openers. I am drawn to these specific pieces, because even if in a small way, they tend to act as anchors in our daily rituals. Time & again, we sit at them, prepare food on them, or use them while surrounded by family & friends. I create pieces that encourage that & that are crafted to last for generations; because even if they aren’t being mindful while they do it, ‘Everybody Eats’.

Tables, Desks, Cutting Boards, Service Dishes, Novelty Bottle Openers, Custom Shelving, Commission Work
Hardwood Cutting Boards, Tables, Desks, Custom Shelves, Novelty Bottle Openers, Custom Furniture, Custom Woodworking, Bookshelves, Charcuterie Boards, Epoxy, Farm Table, Home Decor, Wood,

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Andy Crittenden


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I was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Westville, Oklahoma was my childhood home & I graduated from Siloam Springs High, in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. I spent the next 10 years chasing things that didn’t serve me, all over the state of Arkansas, living in Russellville, Conway, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Rogers & Fayetteville.

The entire time I was bouncin’ around the state, I was working in bars & restaurants. I had an awesome Hospitality Career. There’s nothing in a restaurant that I haven’t done, regarding job titles & I really hung my hat behind the bar. After 15 years slinging drinks (20 total in Hospitality), I landed myself a Market Manager job; I got to travel Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, selling whiskey! It was the dream gig. I’d finally made a sustainable career, out of path I’d chosen. That is: go to college to play football, drop out, try nursing school, drop out, sling drinks til I dieā€¦

Welcome 2019/2020, when a global pandemic crushed my industry, and over time, the company I worked for. I was cut loose in January of 2021, along with the rest of our Sales Team.

I decided then, that I’ll never allow another person to be the provider for me & mine. If I can’t get it myself, I don’t need or want it. I dove off, headfirst, into woodworking. I had some great hands up, from friends & family; helping me learn necessary skills, giving me work, and supporting my dreams.

Things like this directory, the support of people like Bo Dutton (et al), and the community of Maker & Supporters, will always have my gratitude. Life’s been rough for everyone for a couple of years, but I’m really excited to be able to make my own way, and appreciative for everyone that’s taking the journey with me.