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Adriana Pineda | Fayetteville

Art by AMP was founded in 2020 after over 15 years of creating art behind closed doors. This business has gifted me the opportunity to share my talents and skills with others- to create countless stories and worlds for people to discover. Art by AMP is me- on a canvas- opening the door to your own creativity. Through the use of acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolors, inks, and many many other textures and mediums Art by AMP breaks the mold of rigidity and normalcy. Get lost in finding the meaning and following the journey of each brush stroke. Discover the colors of my mind and how each one creates a beautiful chaos.

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Custom artwork, prints, original artwork, and portraits!
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Adriana Pineda


Art by Amp




My name is Adriana, I’m an artist born and raised in Miami, Fl creating colorful messes since I could remember. I am captivated by the vast world colors and textures. Allowing my pen- my brush to tell a story of emotions and memories. Countless thoughts and strokes building up to a masterpiece.

Unlike most things- art has no rules no set interpretation. Allowing each new piece to display limitless stories for anyone to see and discover.