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Hi, I’m Ashley of BadAsh Finishes, an exclusive cabinetry & furniture painting company serving all of NWA.

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Ashley Henry Kennedy


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I began as an Art Ed drop out trying to find my own creative way. In 2008 I started painting windows, canvas, furniture and doing light upholstery to sell in the news paper (yes the classifieds lol)  and later on Craigslist (with pics from my flip phone!). I quickly began doing more and more custom work for people and eventually opened Trashley’s Junk Emporium on Center Street in Fayetteville in 2012. I was there for 1 year before I found out I was expecting a baby and decided to close the doors and finally launch my chalk paint line “Trashley’s Junk Paint”. Shortly after my daughter was born I found myself feeling forced into corporate world and hating it. I wanted more than anything to buy a home for us and thus, the cabinet painting began. I worked a full time corporate job while painting kitchens on the weekends (by hand back then) to stash a downpayment! In 2016 after 2 years of hard work I bought a home, quit my job and went full time with painting. I dropped Trashley’s and rebranded myself as BadAsh and never looked back! In 2019 I fell in love with a fellow maker, Adrian Kennedy, and we not only combined our lives but our work as well. We share a shop in Rogers where we juggle Early Bird Creative, Olde World Door, Sunshine Glass, BadAsh Finishes and our 2 baby boys & 7 year old daughter!