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I up-cycle clothing, fabric, jewelry and treasures found at thrift stores, garage sales and estate auctions. I recently saw a documentary and read several articles about the amount of clothing that is currently going into landfills and being dropped off at beaches and deserts. The amount is staggering and it broke my heart because I was a guilty party in being addicted to “fast fashion.” I decided to dust off the sewing skills my grandmother taught me as a young girl and my art degrees to embark on a journey saving the world “one outfit or treasure” at a time. Once I started, my passion project came to me “Self Talk Bracelets”. I realized that all too often we talk meanest to ourself. At times, I’ve felt like the scraps left from the pieces I was creating: useless, unneeded, left behind, etc. However, the scraps put together can become something beautiful. I created the bracelets as a reminder that it truly matters what we say to ourselves. We need to be kinder, not only to others, but to ourself as well because we are all worthy and beautiful. In diving into the world of up-cycling, I realized that like people; clothing, fabric, jewelry or treasures, are never too old, too forgotten,  discarded or trashed without purpose. They can all be recreated into a different, newer, rethought version of themselves.   Upcycling is a way of looking at the discarded pieces with creative loving eyes, and with passion and a mad spark of genius creating something new and valuable.

Self Talk Bracelets, Jean Vests, Just Add Borrowed Pins and Sew Needed Kits
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I’ve let the corporate world define me far too long so I decided to get back down to my roots. I was born in Fayetteville, AR but eventually ended up in the Dallas, TX advertising/marketing world as an adult. My love has always been art of any kind. The ability to create is one of the greatest gifts we were given along with the ability to love. I was blessed to be showing my fiance, at the time, where I considered home to be. A small 125 acre dairy farm in the Weddington area that my Mom’s parents had owned. We sold the property over 20 years ago to take care of them as they aged. That particular morning as we drove by, there was a “For Sale” sign posted. None of the land had ever been back up for sale to the best of my knowledge, so we called and left a message. The sign had been posted the night before by the realtor and we drove by the next morning. Needless to say, I believe it was divine intervention leading me home. We were able to purchase back 50 of the acres that is now lovingly referred to as “Hawley Farms”, after my grandparents. My Grandad’s old hay barn was still on the property so we cleaned it out and that is where my husband and I were married. The rest, as they say, is history….