Sarah Bunton

West Fork

Sarah creates colorful, stylized maps of several Arkansas cities highlighting various features, such as downtown areas, bike trails, and public venues. Her high-quality prints are available in 11″ x 14″ and 16″ x 20″ or larger by request. All of her city maps can be found at www.etsy.com/shop/ArkansasMaps



My blue & orange Fayetteville map and my series of circle maps
City Maps, digital art,

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Sarah Bunton


West Fork




Sarah’s interest in city maps stems from her experiences while teaching World Languages, traveling, and working abroad. City maps were an essential part of her life. What began in early 2020 as a “pandemic project” of creating a stylized map of her hometown Fayetteville has resulted in several artistic maps of Fayetteville and 4 other cities in Arkansas so far. She enjoys the research and tours required for each Arkansas city map project and sees no end in sight for her new artistic endeavor. 

 “In creating a map, I take the city’s complex maze of streets, parks, venues, and bike trails and snap their names to a grid. I then fill the negative spaces with colorful geometric shapes. The result is a vibrant, simplified flow of paths around the city. The purpose of this and all of my stylized maps is to orient those new to the city, encourage the use of cycling and pedestrian paths, and to further a sense of community identity among residents. It’s an illustration of how the streets of my hometown appear in my mind when I’m deciding how to get from here to there.”

In addition to stylized maps, she enjoys making pottery at the Community Creative Center in Fayetteville. Sarah lives in West Fork, Arkansas.