Sassy Makers

Will and Tracy Scoggins-Martz | Cave Springs


At Sassy Makers, we look to make creative ideas come to life. Whether it be wood, leather, vinyl, 3d filament, soaps, candles, stickers, lamps, clocks, kinky tools/toys/clothing, or something else altogether, let’s take your idea and run with it. It brings us greater joy to bring our and other’s ideas to life, than to create the same things over and over and over and over again. So bring it on and we’ll have some fun.

Talk soon,

Will and Tracy

Stickers, Lamps, Clocks, Engravings, and Kink Tools, Toys, and Furniture are our most popular items as of late.


Will and Tracy Scoggins-Martz


Sassy Makers


Cave Springs


Will and Tracy are residents of Northwest Arkansas. Will comes from South Carolina and has worked in various fields that have taught him skills that he now uses for fun and creative ventures. Tracy is an Arkansas native and loves to work with her hands and make fun things for kids to adults. Between the two of them, they have a lot of interests, experience, and a strong commitment to helping people live their best lives. With that commitment, they work with individuals, couples, and businesses to make products that suit their needs, desires, and ultimately fill in a void of what was once missing. They have four children and are both in school full time working toward higher education ventures, as well as working with Non-profits organizations in a fulltime and/or part time capacity.