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Jake Lewis | Fayetteville

I love what I do. I get to make people happy for a living. And I get to earn my way in this world with my hands.

I incorporate scrap materials, found objects and thrift store gems into my work.

I enjoy being a small part of peoples’ stories and the gifts that people pass onto others. And, of course, the gifts they give themselves.


Currently my most popular designs are Bike pieces. Yoga Pose pieces. Anything Arkansas shaped. Mirrors. Whatever you want!
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Jake Lewis


Woodworx Workshop






I make pieces that I would like having in my own home and I enjoy the challenge of creating custom pieces with input from my clients. I see vibrancy in my art and in giving discarded wood and other forgotten materials a second life.

My passion for creating unique, functional art and furniture pieces using reclaimed materials, secondhand goods and found objects ignited after experimenting with a limitless supply of barnwood and other materials at a ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas. I moved from Austin to Fayetteville more than 8 years ago, and have continued evolving my craft and signature style ever since.

The materials I use in my work are all repurposed in one way or another. I use pieces of walnut, pecan and oak, alongside scraps from roadside furniture finds and thrift store ‘near giveaways.’ If it’s real wood, I will incorporate it into my work.

I want people to know that my materials could just as easily have found their way to the dump or the burn pile. I want little kids to shift the idea that we live in a disposable society. I want people to smile at the bright colors and designs that I create. I want to tell the stories of the people who commission my pieces. I want to inspire, I want to make people happy and I want to make people feel.

It was years before I comfortably accepted the title “artist.” And now, I consider that title to be a call to arms. There are much worse ways to fill the hours of your days than to be creating art. I feel fortunate to do so, and I want my work to reflect the dedication with which I attack every day.