A Stitch in Digital Time: My First Quilt

Pencil to Pixels Productions | Hindsville

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A digital needle is so much easier to thread.


Since the Phillips’ family has a rich history steeped in the arts and quilt making, a descendant approached this craft from a another viewpoint in the virtual realm.

In 2020, working from a base square of an oil painting, created many years ago, shades of blue borders were added with a grouping of stitched stars. Then, the main bullish block was digitally tacked down with a large star tying together a cohesive motif of Marshals’ Star.

Now, you may ask “Does this quilt exist in the real world?” The simple answer is no because it can only be viewed in the virtual world of pixels.

digital art,

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Pencil to Pixels Productions






Pencil to Pixels Productions

A goal and philosophy of Pencil to Pixels Productions is to bring attention to the historical significance of the arts in the Ozark Mountains. Because as the art scene becomes more progressive through national attention, it may not be known that artisans have resided and created in this area for centuries.

After all, historically many farmers and tradespeople have exhibited their artistic talents in a variety of ways. Through the visual arts by the crafting of quilts and self-taught paintings. As well as when families combined their musical talents with by the way of Sunday Singin’s. Therefore, the importance of Arkansas Ozark heritage is paramount.


As a result, within the historic log cabin studio, surrounded by the farmlands and backwoods of the War Eagle, Pencil to Pixels integrates traditional artistic methodologies within a modern virtual realm. Where graphite pencil sketches and simple brush strokes combine with pixels into a virtual world. A juxtaposition of generational arts and crafts. Simply stated…

Farm-raised to virtual reality.