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Designed and produced in our studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This adorable and unique articulated dragon is a great addition to any fantasy lovers shelf. Available in 9.5, 12.5 and 16 inches and a variety of colors. Photo with different sizes features the 9.5 in green, 12.5 in rainbow and 16 in Sparkle Blue.

Unleash the magic of fantasy with our adorable 3D printed baby dragon! Each figurine is meticulously crafted to bring a touch of whimsy to your home or office. Ideal for dragon enthusiasts, fantasy collectors, and as a charming addition to any nursery décor.


High-Quality 3D Printing: Our baby dragons are printed with precision, featuring intricate details that bring these mythical creatures to life.

Customizable Colors: Choose from a vibrant palette including green, blue, red, and more to match your personal style or décor.

Perfect Size: Measuring at a delightful 9.5 in, 12.5 in  and 16 in to suit your needs.

Durable Material: Made with premium PLA plastic, ensuring a long-lasting treasure that’s both lightweight and sturdy.

Made from biodegradable PLA this eco conscious gift is sure to be a hit with the fantasy lover in your life.

Articulated body and legs to help relieve stress while you are sitting at your desk or put them on the dashboard of your car for an amazing travel buddy.

NOTE: If you choose the rainbow version each one is unique and different and will vary from the one in the pictures.

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NWA native I am excited to be a part of the local makers bringing quality work to my community. I love all things fantasy so I love creating D&D dice towers, lives counters, dragons, articulated fidget toys, as well as planters, custom signs and all sorts of fun and unique models.