Arkansas Razorbacks Light Bamboo Cutting Board

Mel Haynie | Springdale

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A light-weight bamboo cutting board or chopping block for regular kitchen use. This board highlights the treasured University of Arkansas team mascot, the Razorback hog, hand-drawn and burned into the board by Mel. The images displayed show the board in different settings and light conditions.

Mel offers unique and custom cutting boards and charcuterie boards in a variety of styles and designs, and also offers cutting board and wooden spoon sets.

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Mel Haynie






I’m Mel, the artist behind Life Sickle Art based in Northwest Arkansas.

A lifelong artist with training from Arkansas Arts Academy and John Brown University, I considered art as primarily a hobby until I started pursuing art professionally in 2020. Since then, my practice areas have expanded to include wood burning, painting, digital art, and mixed media. I draw inspiration from all around me, but I find that nature and the complexity of the cycle of life to be driving forces in my desire to create. Now, as I transition into the professional world of art, I aim to continue growing my art form and seeking new opportunities to showcase my work, including designing and creating murals, postcards, notebooks, and more.

Fun facts about me: I live for paranormal, true-crime, espresso, and gourmet cheese. I was born in Tennessee, raised in Northeast Arkansas, and have lived in every corner of the state – a True Arkansan, through and through. I need to be physically restrained from adopting more cats, and yes, my hair has been almost every color of the rainbow. You can find me in my free time reading, enjoying podcasts, and exploring nature.