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Designed and produced in our studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This fun and unique comic book holder is a great addition to your comic room or reading nook. The piece will arrive in two parts and the mounting screws are included in the package. It will hold around 30 comics but I do not recommend putting anything too heavy on it. COMICS ARE NOT INCLUDED! Comics included in the pictures are mine =).

Use the Secondary color options to selected the book cover and cape color. Must be the same.

The book is 1.25 inches but the total height with the figure is 5 inches. The book is 8 inches in length and 5.25 inches wide.

Made from biodegradable PLA.

Step into the world of superheroes with our 3D Printed Superman Comic Book Display Shelf! This meticulously crafted piece is not just a shelf, but a statement of your passion for the iconic Man of Steel.

Product Title: 3D Printed Superman Comic Book Display Shelf – Vibrant, Customizable, Collector’s Dream

Leap tall bookcases in a single bound with our 3D Printed Superman Comic Book Display Shelf. Designed with precision and printed with the latest 3D technology, this shelf is a must-have for any Superman fan or comic book collector.

Striking Colors: Choose from Kryptonite green, cape red, steel blue, and many more.

Innovative 3D Design: Each shelf features intricate detailing that brings Superman’s world to life.

Perfectly Sized: Engineered to fit standard comic book sizes, ensuring your collection is displayed with the respect it deserves.

Sturdy & Lightweight: The 3D printed material provides a strong yet lightweight solution for your display needs.

Easy Mounting: Simple to hang with included mounting hardware, making it look like your comics are flying.

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