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Mel Haynie | Springdale

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Looking for the perfect something for your special someone? Look no further. Make your next special occasion truly special with a unique, unforgettable gift! This hand-made, personally designed painting is perfect for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary for yourself, friends, or family. If you are interested, please carefully read and follow all directions below before contacting me about the commission. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Approximate Price by Size:
*Please note: prices may change depending on factors such as alterations, adding a frame, poor original photo quality, etc. The below are base rates.
12×16    $200
16×20    $225
18×24    $250
20×24    $275
Larger sizes and abnormal canvas shapes (oval, circle, triangle) available upon request.

Step by step:
1. Contact me for a quote (you can email lifesickleart@gmail.com, or DM me on any social media)
2. Send me a photo (or a few photos) for your painting, along with any specific ideas or alterations desired
3. I respond with your quote and request your deposit
4. I make a stylization of the photo and create a layout for the painting.
5. I cover the canvas with acrylic paint by hand.
6. You will get a tracking number of the shipping.
7. You will get a physical acrylic painting on canvas via delivery or shipping.


Benefits of working with me:

– The painting will be ready within 7 days
– The painting can be framed for an additional fee
– I can adjust somebody’s body-parts for the painting (e.g. face, hair, etc.) or slightly alter clothing
– I can combine several photos into one painting (i.e., if someone was missing from the photo)
– Additionally, if you want to recreate the final painting for custom prints, holiday cards, thank-you cards, etc., I can assist with arrangements.

You need to know:

– A deposit of $100 is required before I can start the commission.
– If you need any changes to the image or photo combination, the price may differ. To find out the final price, please contact me for a quote with the photo(s) and a description of how you imagine the portrait to look, including any alterations and the desired canvas size.
– There might be an additional charge if a photo is old and blurred or has very low resolution.

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Mel Haynie






I’m Mel, the artist behind Life Sickle Art based in Northwest Arkansas.

A lifelong artist with training from Arkansas Arts Academy and John Brown University, I considered art as primarily a hobby until I started pursuing art professionally in 2020. Since then, my practice areas have expanded to include wood burning, painting, digital art, and mixed media. I draw inspiration from all around me, but I find that nature and the complexity of the cycle of life to be driving forces in my desire to create. Now, as I transition into the professional world of art, I aim to continue growing my art form and seeking new opportunities to showcase my work, including designing and creating murals, postcards, notebooks, and more.

Fun facts about me: I live for paranormal, true-crime, espresso, and gourmet cheese. I was born in Tennessee, raised in Northeast Arkansas, and have lived in every corner of the state – a True Arkansan, through and through. I need to be physically restrained from adopting more cats, and yes, my hair has been almost every color of the rainbow. You can find me in my free time reading, enjoying podcasts, and exploring nature.