“Determined” the Paper Doll

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Iris Cottage Creations

“Determined” the paper doll was inspired by a picture of a little girl standing proudly in her roller skates and cute dress. The girl’s stance and expression made me think of determination. I decided that my girl would have the pose from the photo but have many styles of hair and a variety of skin tones. Creating diversity in paper dolls and coloring books might sound silly to some, but it’s important to me.

I started thinking of dreams and career goals that a young girl would have. Sports uniforms reflect an active life. Dream jobs like astronaut, judge, nurse, and military officer are depicted. Many of those have uniforms or career wear. Some of the clothes can be interpreted in multiple ways. Others are everyday clothes for a young lady.

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Quirky SuZ designs


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Quirky SuZ is the result of many creative ventures throughout my life. My parents encouraged all of their children to be adventurous and share their talents. I don’t remember any phase of my life when I didn’t have some kind of creative outlet.

I moved to the Ozarks in grade school and down to the borderlands after college. Yes, love was involved! After a few years of odd jobs, I became a high school teacher. For thirty years, I taught United States History, geography, and all other Social Studies subjects at Berryville High School. Teaching, sponsoring Student Council, and coaching Quiz Bowl kept me busy at school. I enjoyed decorating my classroom each year and always tried to make the displays attractive, motivational, and educational.

Through the years, I kept doing creative activities and enjoyed learning new skills. Daily work outfits often included jewelry and clothes that I made. Retirement allows me to spend many happy hours in my studio creating wonderful things to share.

My studio is Iris Cottage. It is a wonderful place to spend time and I am so fortunate to have a dedicated creative space!