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Crispy, Sweet, Exquisite flavor!

Our limited time offering of whole, green Cotton Candy Grapes will delight and surprise you with just how delicious they are! No added sugar in this delectable treat created by breeding the most choice flavors from two different types of grapes to create a pure fruit, relatively low sugar confection. Check out our nutrition label to see for yourself!

Grab a few bags of these, they won’t last long, and they only come around once a year.

Our Process:

We thoroughly wash these Grade A, large, green, Cotton Candy Grapes before briefly blanching them and dipping in an ice water bath to prevent cooking them. This allows the skin to become permeable in the freeze dryer and the process of sublimation (ice to gas) to more easily occur.

You’ll notice that most freeze-dried grapes on the market are sliced and in pieces. Not ours.

We take the extra steps necessary for you to be able to enjoy a crispy, sweet, intensely flavorful freeze-dried grape that looks just like a whole grape.


Pair these with your favorite aged cheese (especially blue, Brie, cream, cheddar, feta, goat cheese, ricotta) and a sparkling beverage or spiced rum. You can crumble and add to plain yogurt for a breakfast treat. Add to a fruit topped salad with cheese crumbles…

OR eat them like candy right out the bag.

Be sure to securely reseal the bag between enjoying, because they are eager to rehydrate from moisture in the air (because osmosis). *Also please don’t eat the oxygen absorber packet.*

Packaging: Our Freeze Dried Cotton Candy Grapes are packaged in the highest quality, authentic, 7-mil Mylar® zip-top packages with Oxygen absorbers added to ensure your unopened product remains fresh and oxidation-free for years to come. Mylar® with O2 absorbers are the most effective way to safely store your product until you are ready to enjoy. We then heat-seal the top of the bag to ensure you receive your delicious apple slices in perfectly safe condition, ready to enjoy or store for years to come.

Mylar® brand is a registered trademark owned by Dupont Teijin

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Craig Olienyk, M.S., LAC loves to create with his hands and has a lifelong dream of carrying on the traditions of his forebears—agriculture and food production. Natural State Freeze Dried is a coming home to his roots. Craig functions as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and loves the day-to-day details of operations, R&D, and food production and processing. Quality of process and purity of outcomes are his passion.