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Deliciously crunchy, freeze-dried, pitted, sweet dark cherries! Sweet with just enough tart to satisfy cherry lovers. Expertly freeze dried for over 40 hours, these cherries are perfect for healthy snacking, backpacking, or short term food storage.

Now available in whole or halves.

Toddler, teens and adults all love these sweet crunchy cherries. If you like cherries, you’ll love how the freeze drying process enhances their flavor and brings out the best in one of nature’s most wonderful stone fruits.
Delectable sweet and slightly tart freeze-dried cherries are packaged in top-of-the line 7-mil thick Mylar for safe storage, and if you want to snack on them, you can use the resealable top.

Freeze-dried fruit retains 97%+ of original nutrients and minerals, making it far superior to dehydrated (dried) fruit. These delicious cherries can be eaten as-is for a nutritious, delicious, crunchy snack—or may be easily rehydrated for use in recipes or to top off desserts. Many customers top their morning oatmeal with these right out of the bag.

To re-hydrate for pies or pastries, etc:

  • Combine 1 cup cherries with 1 cup of water. Let sit for 45 min-2 hours or simmer gently on the stove.
  • By weight, 1.5 oz freeze-dried cherries yields approx. 4-5 oz reconstituted cherries.

You’re going to love these cherries! Long Live Good Food!

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Craig Olienyk, M.S., LAC loves to create with his hands and has a lifelong dream of carrying on the traditions of his forebears—agriculture and food production. Natural State Freeze Dried is a coming home to his roots. Craig functions as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and loves the day-to-day details of operations, R&D, and food production and processing. Quality of process and purity of outcomes are his passion.