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Do you need something fancy and also absorbent to set your sweaty summer drink on? Girl, me too. Luckily, I have these amazing, fringy coasters to help you out. And I do love a good fringe moment (almost as much as a good holographic moment). I currently have them in four colorways: neutral + cappuccino, neutral + seafoam, neutral + salmoln, neutral + mauve. Did I mention that these are made of 100% recycled cotton fibers? So while you’ll be setting your drink on a physical item made of these lush fibers, you’ll also have a little cushion of feel goods knowing you’re helping to keep textiles out of the landfills. Pretty sweet deal.

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Brittany Fernandez


Lark & Clover


Bella Vista


Hello! I’m one of those people who has always loved making and will hoard every craft with the intent to some day finish it. A couple years ago I bought a cricut and it has been so much fun (shout out to all the fellow cricut-ers out there) because it allows a lot of versatility (which my little heart loves, because it’s hard to just do one thing all the time). I also picked up macrame after seeing all the amazing pieces people were posting on instagram and have found it to be a super relaxing hobby (if a bit tough on the finger joints after awhile). Outside of crafting, I am a HUGE game nerd. I love to play board games, tabletop, video games, card games, you name it, I probably love it. I also have a huge soft spot for sci-fi (Firefly folks, we can totally be friends) and The Office.

I am so excited to be here and part of a creative community and love that we have that here. I’ve been in NWA for going on six years and can’t see myself anywhere else.