Pet Slime Plushies

Erika Kennedy | Rogers

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Some fanart related plushies, I made. I am a big fan of the video game Minecraft, and during twitch streams, I have people in the Minecraft server who love the slimes and love keeping them as pets, it occurred to me that there weren’t any slime plushies available in many places, and they are harder to find and more pricey, so I took matters into my¬† own hands and wanted to create some fun slime plushies that anyone could enjoy and keep as pets in their collection, whether that is toys, plushies, or collectibles, these will make great gifts for any occassion.

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Erika Kennedy






My name is Erika, I go by Eri to my friends. I am Autistic and do have ADHD, I also have several other mental health challenges that I am dealing with daily, and some of those challenges are some serious topics. But One thing that has always kept me going and always seems to help me is having art as an outlet, no matter the form of art, no matter how I get to express myself. Art has been one constant support in my life that allows me to express myself and show the world beauty through pain. I’ve had my share of challenges in life, but I always believe in being kind to people, you never know the day someone is having. I’m sort of a jack of all trades when it comes to things I know how to do. I keep busy a lot because of my ADHD, and I do go nonverbal from time to time, this itself can be challenging, but its not the end of the world. I maybe nonverbal at times, but I am fully capable of understanding what you say. My goal in life is to just make a positive difference where I can and maybe one day make a positive difference in the world helping people through art.