Quartz Crystal Holographic Glass Can

Lark & Clover | Bella Vista

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It’s the Natural State, so of course there needed to be a cup with some amazing crystal quartz on it! Yes, it’s blue and yes, it’s holographic, but we’re going with artistic license on that. This amazing 16 oz glass can comes with a bamboo lid and glass straw to keep your drink intact while you’re out there enjoying the best the Natural State has to offer.

custom cup, glass can, libbey glass

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Brittany Fernandez


Lark & Clover


Bella Vista


Hello! I’m one of those people who has always loved making and will hoard every craft with the intent to some day finish it. A couple years ago I bought a cricut and it has been so much fun (shout out to all the fellow cricut-ers out there) because it allows a lot of versatility (which my little heart loves, because it’s hard to just do one thing all the time). I also picked up macrame after seeing all the amazing pieces people were posting on instagram and have found it to be a super relaxing hobby (if a bit tough on the finger joints after awhile). Outside of crafting, I am a HUGE game nerd. I love to play board games, tabletop, video games, card games, you name it, I probably love it. I also have a huge soft spot for sci-fi (Firefly folks, we can totally be friends) and The Office.

I am so excited to be here and part of a creative community and love that we have that here. I’ve been in NWA for going on six years and can’t see myself anywhere else.