Stained glass succulents

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This product is for sale.

Many colors, sizes and styles to choose from. Some of these are available and some are sold. Message me to find out which ones I have if you are interested. They are named so if you can be specific it will help me to know which one you are interested in.

plants, stained glass, succulent, glass art

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Erin Timmons-Mitchell


Sweet Designs by Erin


My love for art started way back in elementary school. I won a art contest and was published in the local newspaper. That is when I first realized that other people valued my skills as well. I have always had a passion for creating things with my hands.

I work a full time job but every spare second of my day I am creating art.  My husband and son are my biggest helpers and cheerleaders for me. I am always so happy when someone can relate to a piece of my art. I try to make a wide variety of pieces in hopes that something will speak to you.