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Michelle Belden | Rogers

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Tiny Tree was created with the vision of the stark whiteness of a bare white birch and the contrast of silver. It’s very minimalist on one level yet the complexity of the limbs reaching out embraces you. I use a wire armature covered in several layers of joint compound on gypsum drywall board to simplify hanging. White and silver acrylic paint are sealed with matte It has a sawtooth hook for hanging.

This piece is small enough it would look great in any small or personal space. Tiny Tree would look fantastic in a quiet setting of a reading room. A small entryway where you don’t need a loud statement, this small sculpture will speak loudly in it’s faint whisper! A housewarming or hostess gift…what would make a better gift that says you really put thought into the purchase! Birthday for a nature lover, here is their very own tree to hug! Pagan holiday coming up, perfect!

The measurements below are based on the tree limbs but the gypsum board measures 9″ x 7.25″ x 4″.

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Sculpture, Painting, Wall Hangings, Home Decor, Art, Original Art

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Artist, Mom and wife.  Spending time with my family traveling is what inspires me to work with the photographs I have created.  I love to edit and manipulate them.  I also love to sculpt with joint compound.  I’ve just noticed I have put that in the background lately.