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Larry Copas | Springdale

Copas Sawmill offers custom saw milling to make your dreams happen at a reasonable price.  I can saw dimensional construction lumber, timber frame posts and beams, table slabs, mantles, cabinet lumber, and craft lumber.  Sawing is completed with the desired end use in mind to get the most stability and/or figure.  Quarter sawing is no problem and my mill has the capacity to get the wide boards out of the big logs. 

When not running the sawmill I work in my shop making useful and beautiful things out of the most environmental friendly material on the planet.



Sawing walnut crotch logs into live edge table slabs. Second to that is sawing heavy timbers for outdoor construction projects. In the wood shop I have had success making three leg stools similar to what the master sculptor and wood artist Wharton Esherick created. In the fall I concentrate on making wood Christmas tree ornaments.

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Larry Copas


Copas Sawmill




I took an early retirement from the telephone company in 2000 to build a new house and shop in beautiful northwest Arkansas.  Retirement also allowed me time to run my sawmill.  I custom saw for many people who bring any where from one log to a dozen logs.  Many times these logs would have ended up in a burn pile.


When not sawing, I work in my shop where “I just make things”.  I primarily make products out of wood but I also do some metal work.  Production work is boring so I like the one off designs.


As a maker, my goal is to make items that are both useful and beautiful.  When I accomplish both, it satisfies my soul.