Black Limba, Lime, and Tulip Poplar Wooden Bowl

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This bowl deserves to be displayed even when not in use. I glued up three kiln dried, solid blocks, so it should be very stable. Starting from top to bottom, this bowl is Black Limba, Lime, and Tulip Poplar wood. This layered bowl measures 8 inches at the rim and stands 5.25 inches tall. In the top layer of Black Limba, there was a small void about the size of a lemon seed that gave me an opportunity to use a stone Malachite inlay for an accent. I kept the sidewalls thick and the base sturdy, because I intend for it to be useful as well as refined. I can’t wait for someone to unbox this one and tell me what they think.
I turned this layered bowl by hand then coated it in food grade hemp oil and Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner. Howard’s is a revitalizing blend of genuine beeswax, Brazilian carnauba wax (hardest natural wax available), and pure USP Food Grade Mineral Oil. I recommend using Howard’s from time to time to protect and condition the wood.
You can watch me turn bowls and other projects on my Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5uLb7R1E1j3jS6Iu0WEEqQ

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