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I’ve made a few of these, pour-in-place, concrete countertops. They can be dyed in a wide range of colors. I use a form and silicone mold to mimic a rock edge around the perimeter. They are reinforced with a fiber mess grid and re-bar for unsupported sections. The example pictured was placed over cabinets. I left cutouts for a stove on one side and an ice chest cubby hole on the other. This could be a bar top or over cabinets like it’s pictured. I use an additive in each bag of concrete to make it pour smooth and fill in all of the air pockets. After the concrete cures, I add the dye to the surface. It’s a very organic look. I finish the surface with a self-leveling epoxy which is low VOC and food safe. The first one I built has been in our home kitchen for 5 years and has been really durable and always cleans up nice with just soap, water and a soft sponge. These are a great option for outdoor kitchens or bar areas. Shoot me an email if you want more information.

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