Norfolk Island Pine, Natural Edge, Coffee Table with Blue/Green Epoxy Accents

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This Norfolk Island Pine slab was kiln dried. During the drying process this slab developed small cracks running the length of the table. On one end the splits were large, and the slab curled in multiple directions. The slab had several areas of punky, unstable wood that I removed and began to fill with blue/green epoxy. I use a very high quality, slow cure epoxy that takes days to dry. This allowed the epoxy to soak into all of these knot holes and voids to stabilize the entire piece. Once it was all reinforced, I resurfaced the piece over and over again until it was flat and solid at about 1.25″ thick.
This natural edge slab is loaded with character. It features tons of color variation between the grain and the knots, and also has some really nice spalting which is grey to black though out the entire piece. The natural edge ranges between 16″ to 18.5″, is 42.25″ long, and 20.25″ tall. The hairpin legs are 1/2″ solid iron and are rated for 350lbs. The legs come with feet protectors and bracket pads which could be used to help level out an uneven floor. I used steel threaded inserts with 1/4″, wide head, mounting bolts, so the legs can be removed and remounted over and over again while remaining very strong. Do not over tighten. Wood and metal contract and expand differently and need room to move a little.
The table is beautiful, but it is intended to be used and must be durable. After leveling and sanding, I wiped a thin layer of slow cure epoxy over the entire surface and edges. After days of allowing it to soak in and cure, I lightly sanded the surface again. Then I applied an all natural Hemp Seed Oil to the entire piece. This oil soaks into any of the exposed grain and really makes the color variation pop! After the oil is allowed to dry, I added layers of Howard Feed-N-Wax polish. I use this beeswax and orange polish to hand buff the surface. After applying several coats, it really adds depth to the finish. This process protects and enhances the grain without making it feel like plastic. It will never chip or peel. It cures to a matte finish. I recommend applying Howard Feed-N-Wax twice a year or more often if you prefer higher gloss finish.

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